Extension Lecture on 5E's Model

An Extension Lecture was conducted on 14th February 2020 in D.D. Choksi College of Secondary Education and Smt. S. P. Kothari English Medium B.Ed. College on the topic “5 E’s Model of Constructivist Approach”. The resource person of the lecture was Dr. Jayendra Amin who is an Associate Professor in School of Education at Central University, Gandhinagar. He is one of the most respected and renowned figure in the fields of Education and Research in Gujarat and India.The lecture was very educative. Dr. Jayendra Amin has explained the student teachers about the 5 E’s – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate very descriptively with examples. He explained about the importance of 5 E’s Model in teaching learning process. He also compared the traditional method of teaching and the advanced method using 5 E’s Model. Some online links were also given by him to learn the 5 E’s Model in more detail. Lastly he showed the video of the practical implementation of 5 E’s model. At the end of the lecture he resolved the queries of the students. The event was ended by vote of thanks given by Komal Prajapati.

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