Inaugural function of She Bank

An inaugural function of She Bank (Under N.S.S. Project – Health & Hygiene) in association with Anaadih was held in D. D. Choksi College of Secondary Education and Smt. S. P. Kothari English Medium B.Ed. College on 13th February 2020. This project is under taken by N.S.S.The guests were welcomed by our Indian custom “Tilak”. The program was started with “Namokar Mantra”. The function was commenced with the lightning of lamp by a group of dignitaries – Dr. H. K. Shah (Gynaecologist). Ms. Sandhya Saxena (M.D. of Anaadih Foundation), Dr. Mehtab Suthar (Gynaecologist), Dr. Neelu Ghosh (Principal of D. D. Choksi College of Secondary Education), Mrs. Surekha Shah (Inner Wheel Member), Mrs. Meenu Maheshwari (Inner wheel member) and the faculty members and other sponsors. The welcome speech was given by Mrs. Arpana Tripathi (N.S.S. co-ordinator). The introduction of guests was given by Dr. Neelu Ghosh by highlighting the qualities of guests. Then the guests were welcomed by giving Plants & Pots, Shawl and memento as gift. Dr. Mehtab Suthar has told few lines about the program. Mrs. Sandhya gave the information about mis-beliefs of menstrual cycle. She recited a beautiful poem about menses.  The program was further continued by the informative lecture of Dr. H. K. Shah about the process of menstrual cycle and the problems girls face during their first menses period. The students gave the feedback about the program. The program was concluded by the vote of thanks by Mrs. Shagufta Mukhi (Project co-coordinator). We have 47 beneficiaries including the girls of our college and of Parpada Primary School along with this project. Finally the sanitary pads were distributed to the beneficiaries.

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